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If you are an independent phone sex operator that is seeking a job or works alone from home and need a mentor with a great deal of experience to bounce ideas off, to learn from, or to do some brainstorming sessions with you..... then The PSO Coach can help you.
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Many women are seeking jobs into the PSO industry or are even already working in it. They try to obtain snippets of information from message boards, and people they meet or ask online to answer their plaguing questions. This is sometimes not the best way to learn at all because the information you receive is often not factual, and only an opinion. The sources of the information coming from people you do not know are often unreliable too. But it is a fact that when you pay a professional that you'll get far better advice.

Some women have become a phone sex operator, even an independent PSO and do not know how to handle various situations that arise, problems that occur, or even understand some of the many issues that they will inevitably face. There are many secrets to the phone sex business, how to get started; and how to run an ethical service.There is always a lot to learn.

PSO has 20 years of experience in Phone Sex Work. We've done it all including: print advertising, self promotion, managing several PSOs, customer service issues, handling the wives, going after charge backs, building customer trust, and providing quality phone sex. We've worked in the industry, we know it well. We also have an education in business and life coaching. By combining these skills - we've chosen to offer our services to women seeking phone sex jobs, to phone sex owners, and to indepedent phone sex girls.

PSO Coach provides pep talks, motivational discussions, and help inspire your OWN creativity. We provide a unique experience in a tricky industry - honesty. A live telephone session with the PSO Coach will allow you to ask questions, to obtain real and honest information from women who have walked in your shoes. Our 18 years of experience is not shared on message boards, and we work with independent operators, and owners.

The PSO Coach can be a benefit to you where you are a new PSO, work for a company as a phone sex operator, do your own promotion, or work at Niteflirt.

To set an appointment now please contact me.

Or if you feel uncertain, then please go to the Topics page where you may get a better idea of exactly what we do!


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