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If you are an independent phone sex operator that is seeking a job or works alone from home and need a mentor with a great deal of experience to bounce ideas off, to learn from, or to do some brainstorming sessions with you..... then The PSO Coach can help you.
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The PSO Coach can work with any owner of a Phone Sex Company and teach you not only how to reduce chargebacks, but how to collect on them and win.

I have 20 years experience in collections and I can pass my skills, knowledge, and expertise on to you. No need to hire a collection agency... you can do it on your own.

*Charge Back Recovery is a specialty that we offer to company owners or even one girl operations. Be warned, there will need to be changes to how you do your billing procedures.

*You also must have a legit Adult Merchant Account registered to your company.

If you do not wish to alter the way you are currently billing your clients, or if you do not have an authentic Adult Merchant Account then we cannot help you.

However, if you are interested - or curious let me give you a quick rundown of what sessions will entail.

You will need to do at minimum 2 live one on one telephone sessions. the first will go over your current procedures and prevention techniques. The second session will be devoted to recovery alone.

We will give you sample letters for banks and for clients if necessary.
You will receive a special form strictly to be used for a reversed chargeback client to prevent future issues, and allow you to continue taking his calls.

We will walk you through the procedures, give you notes, and any other worksheets, Spreadsheets, etc that you may need.

Once your sessions are done; you will have all the tools and lessons that you need. You should not need further sessions, and you don't need to hire me to collect for you..

To set an appointment now please contact me.


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