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If you are an independent phone sex operator that is seeking a job or works alone from home and need a mentor with a great deal of experience to bounce ideas off, to learn from, or to do some brainstorming sessions with you..... then The PSO Coach can help you.
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If you do not wish to do a live consultation with The PSO Coach then you may want to buy my personal articles.

Here are several articles about a page long each:
The Biggest Complaints from Callers
The Types of Calls You Get
The Good that We Do as PSOs
Some Phone Sex Tips
How to Evaluate a Caller
Article Pack 1

This is a 4-page article about callers. I give a general overview of being a PSO and then go on to discuss my first call, who we talk to and why, and then a few ideas of callers personalities. An interesting read for someone with less than a years experience. Article 2

This is an article I wrote about the experience of Burn Out in the phone sex industry. This article is for phone sex operators. $4.00

Excel Spread Sheets
These spreadsheets are function, easy, and useful. They do all your calculations for you for many business needs. Must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to use. The Spreadsheets are quality designed yet simple to use, and they are locked so that you can't accidentally alter them.

The Excel Products available are:

* Income Report - Keep track of income figures. If you utilize different affiliate programs, or have several income sources this allows you to keep track of them all - very easy. This is an especially useful report if you do not get a 1099 for taxes. Just input all your checks/income and print it out for your accountant.

* Checkbook Spreadsheet - Keep track of your business or personal checking account. All calculations are done for you by simply inputting the figures.
Income Report


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